Ansible Playbook for Elasticsearch

Over the fall, we tried out Ansible for some of our latest machine provisioning needs and we liked our experience with it. We had been using Opscode Chef up until recently but a lot of the team members were getting stuck climbing its steep learning curve. We had also given Juju a spin but the cycle of making changes and testing them was simply too slow and painful to continue using it.

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Painless Maven project releases with Maven GitFlow Plugin

We recently moved all our code repositories from Atlassian’s hosted SVN to BitBucket and took the opportunity to revisit our deployment process. We had been operating using SVN trunk for ongoing development and stabilizing it whenever we wanted to cut releases. This approach worked well in the early days but started to show its’ challenges as we added developers to the team and worked on parallel tracks. So the move to Git presented the perfect time to consider a development process that would be a better fit for a DVCS. Enter Git-Flow.

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Setting the BooleanQuery maxClauseCount in Elasticsearch

If you have come across the TooManyClauses exception while querying Elasticsearch, chances are you are using a terms query, prefix query, fuzzy query, wildcard query or range query that ends up expanding into more than 1024 boolean clauses. That’s the default setting in Lucene’s BooleanQuery which is what lies underneath.

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Ditching WordPress for Jekyll

I am embarrassed to admit but I stayed with Yahoo! Wordpress Hosting way too long. Maybe it was inertia, maybe it was because I hadn’t paid attention to my site in a long time. Whatever the reason was, my recent renewed commitment to revitalizing my blog required that I take another look at my hosting situation.

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No GitHub account? No hire!

Did you happen to catch all the commotion on Hacker News? Blanket statements like "when it comes to hiring, I'll take a Github commit log over a resume any day" tend to fire people up (probably why the poster chose that wording anyway). Don't get sucked in.

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First Contact

So, what does one usually write in a first blog post anyway?

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